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TMJ Treatment

TMD, also referred to as TMJ disorder, is a generally painful condition that can stem from any number of issues, such as teeth grinding and clenching, cartilage deficiency, arthritis, jaw misalignment, and more. Located in the temporomandibular joint (where the jawbone meets the skull), symptoms of TMD commonly include headaches, jaw and facial pain, dizziness, and popping sensations, among others. In more severe cases, the effects of TMJ disorder can even spread throughout the body, sometimes causing back and shoulder pain, as well as numbness in the outer extremities.

At Tolley Dental, we offer some effective TMJ treatments that can help you greatly reduce or even eliminate irritating symptoms associated with mild to moderate cases of TMD. If you believe you may be experiencing the effects of TMD, our doctors can provide a thorough assessment of your condition and recommend a proper course of action based on your unique needs.

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